All New Variety
6 Pack.

6-375 ml bottles

in a carrier
To Include:

Warm Fuzzy
Monkey Business
Cranberry Cheer
Blackberry Zinger
The Raspberries
After Midnight

Wine List

​​​​​​​Pine Hollow ​Winery

​*All items subject to 8.25% NV State Sales tax*

​*You must be at least 21 years old to purchase*


Blackberry Zinger-semi-dry - 750 ml
Rich Cabernet style enhanced by the zing of Blackberries... $

I Got The Blues-Berry​ - semi-dry - 750 ml
​​Hand crushed, locally grown Blueberries with just a hint of Concord. Yumm!… $

After Midnight​ - Dry - 750 ml
​​A dry, red wine Merlot style with hints of French Oak... $

Naughty Noiret - Dry - 750 ml

A dry, red hybrid grape from the Shores of Lake Erie, PA aged in American Oak with hints of Berry, Black Pepper &

Mint... $


Tropical Splash - 375 ml - sweet dessert wine

Our best creation yet, a mix of citrus, pineapple, mango & you guessed it banana...$

​​​Hot Stuff​ - sweet & hot, hot, hot! - 375 ml

​Lake Erie Niagara infused with a Thai Chile Pepper ("an explosion in your mouth")… $

Toasted Joe - Sweet dessert wine - 375 ml

Medium Roast Coffee, Toffee, Toasted

​Marshmallow & Chocolate... $

Variety Pack - 6 Pack Carrier - 6 / 375 ml bottles - sweet to Dry

Warm Fuzzy, Cranberry Cheer, Monkey Business, Blackberry Zinger, The Raspberries & After Midnight... $


Luckydog Apple

Cinnamon - Sweet - 750 ml

Apple infused with Cinnamon (just like apple pie)… $

​​​Strawberry Fields​ - sweet - 750 ml

Bold tastes of fresh, handpicked,

​locally grown Strawberries... $

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​Niagara - sweet - 750 ml
White grape Niagara from the shores of Lake Erie, PA... $

Monkey Business​ - sweet - 750 ml

​Pinot Gris style with Coconut and Yuzo

(a citrus fruit in case you were wondering)... $

Not Your Momma's Tea - 750 ml - Sweet

Green Tea infused with Lemon & Ginger Root... $

Luscious Pear - semi-sweet - 750 ml
​​A delightfully crisp, yet tart hand crafted locally grown, Pear wine with a touch of Apricot... $

Warm Fuzzy - semi-sweet - 750 ml
Chardonnay style made refreshing with the addition of Peach and Apricot... $